Progress update

Well, we've had some issues since I last blogged. Hard Drive Issues to be exact. We're running 4 TB of data across 4 1TB hardisks. Nothing fancy No Raid not JBOD or anything. So about a month ago these discs started to disappear. A simple reboot fixed the issue, but things have progressively gotten worse. Now mind you I have since day one been implementing a backup strategy (maybe the slowest and most obtuse one but one nonetheless) So all the data is saved to a backup every other day or so. Anyway. long story short. 2 of these drives are now corrupt with bad MBT and one randomly corrupts folders (thankfully a check disk recovers them). I am in the process of developing a smarter and more robust solution to our Hard Drive issues so hopefully this will soon be a thing of the past. Anyway. Thats what I've been dealing with. More on this when I get those 4TBers out and give them a proper looking over. By the way They're Samsung f1's hd103uj's. If they are bad they've gone bad on me in less than a year....and its basically a 75 percent failure rate going on 100....I need to check them to be sure but its not looking good. I have two other hard drives (A velociraptor system drive) and a 1TB external Iomega and neither has had an issue to speak of. hmmm. Sorry for the tech talk.

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