VO photos

Here are a few photos from our Voice Over Sessions. We built two different "booths" one in for our chicago visit in Tim Stroud's Apartment and one in our house. The Chicago Booth worked amazing. We were trying all types of blankets trying to match density with weight for best effect. Fleece won the day. We were able to get very dry and very clean tracks in less than ideal circumstances.

The Second Booth took a little more fidgeting. There were more reflections in this room and it was more square than Tims Apartment. I had to pad a bit and add items for diffusion, but in the end we got great Tracks again. Very clean and Very Dry.

Of course it all wouldn't have been possible without some great Talent who worked very well with the microphone. They stayed close and on target which really helped. We did forget our pop filter up in Chicago so we had to assemble one real quick for the Greenfield Sesssions (coat hanger/nylons)

We were recording with an AKG BlueLine ck91 and ck93 into a MOTU 828 mark2.(Thanks Phil!) Into Adobe SOundbooth (CS4) We had a few pops from the Mark2 at first but reset it back to defaults and it worked great after that.
We tried to get pics of everyone but I missed Joanna! She was our last recording session and I just spaced it. Above was our Chicago Booth and Tim Stroud and Erin Monahan sitting in session. Below is Josh Ramsey, Nick Marson, and Jeremy Grimmer kicking it in Greenfield.

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