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****UPDATE: The blog has officially moved. You can now find all these blogs and more at ScienceSexAndTheLadies.com See you all there and sorry it took so long!!!*****

Hello! I am in the process of moving this blog from Blogger and giving it an update. I've been thinking about modernizing for a long time. 

The nail in the coffin for me was that Blogger started putting sensitive content warnings on my posts. At first it happened to a bunch of somewhat older posts, but I went through them and clicked on something to have them re-evaluated, and then the warning was lifted. Then it came up for my last post, which was a SSL Review of Jane the Virgin, and there were no options I could find to have it re-evaluated, and I was just kind of annoyed. 

So, given that Blogger is putting sensitivity warnings on posts that say words like 'orgasm' or maybe 'clit' or 'vulva' (I'm not sure what exactly triggers it, but it must be something like that), and literally the whole point of my blog involves saying words like that - I got to move on. Plus, let's be honest. Blogger is more of an older platform. When I started this in 2009, it was perfect - easy, free, and a big blogging player that people visited. Times have changed though. And there's better places for visibility, ease, look, and ability to be viewed nicely on all the many devices people may use.

Also, I and this blog have changed too. I am not as frequent a poster as I used to be. I want to up that, but I also want to be realistic. I'm not a blogger that's churning out new content all the time. And the truth is over the last 14 years, this blog has become less about the newest post I popped up and more about the immense library of content that I've created for visitors to delve through and reference. Like I have 91 movies and 113 TV show posts covering 48 TV series that people can find an SSL Review for and get all the info about how clits, lady-gasms, lady-bation, or eat outs were depicted and discussed. Plus 20 book and 35 detailed scientific journal article summaries people can check out. I also have many posts on lady-gasm topics that I think of as a defining piece about my thoughts and understanding on that subject - not as just a recent musing that serves as my latest blog. 

All that to say, I'd like to re-imagine this as less of a blog, and more of a library with continually growing content; a place where all this writing and information lives and is categorized and easily searchable. I'd also like to add an element on the site where the Science Sex, and the Ladies movie information lives (what it is, who made it, who's in it, etc.), because that movie started it all, and I think it's part of the whole orgasm equality activism package I want to get out there. 

Anyway, I'm excited about it, and as soon as I'm ready to publish, I'll make sure you can get to it from here. 

The start of creating the new SSL site. I found some old AnC Movies Pics to add to the SSL movie part of the site.

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