Squirrels, Fire, Diabetic Cats, and Cinnamon Toast - Random Thoughts From Me


Hello all - Listen, I'm feeling a bit listless right now, as in I don't feel up to getting deep into anything. A big assessment of a TV show, or movie or article, like, I just can't get into it right now.  Honestly, all I want to do right now is make cinnamon toast and watch some TV - something real mindless like Kid's Baking Championship or some sitcom. I have time right now to write, though, so I'm gonna get something up on this here blog and then I'm gonna make that cinnamon toast. 

Cinnamon English muffin is more correct - pic by me

I've been sitting here looking through my drafts, hoping to find something that catches my attention. I always put ideas and notes in Blogger drafts from TV and movies I've seen that have SSL reviewable moments or links to articles and that kind of thing. I was looking through it for easy stuff I could pop out real quick into a sensible post. Even the stuff that seemed like an easy write-up just felt like too much. 

And, ya know, I do this shit because I like it. When I spend 8 hours writing something, I want to kinda enjoy it, and I think the only way to continue that is only do it when I want to. But, I also gotta balance that with keeping the blog updated, so that's why I try to keep an arsenal of easy stuff so when I need to get a post up, I can just find one and get it done. What I'm doing now is the last resort when even that feels like it sucks - I'm just kinda writing stream of consciousness - 'cause I don't mind doing that, and sometimes it gets me in the o'l writin' mood.  

It's not getting me in the writing mood, though, so this won't get all that much more exciting. So, let me just tell you some highlights of my recent weeks:

  • The squirrel that lays spread eagle across a knot on a tree in my backyard stood on that same knot a few days ago and, I believe, licked it's own dick. We have a picture of it. It's impressive.
Squirrel auto-fellatio pic by Charles Borowicz

  • My neighbor's son and his friends were over on the 4th of July, and they started doing fire poi and breathing fire in the middle of the street. Some neighbor's friend also rolled up and did what felt like professional firework show in the street. An old dude on a motorcycle had to wait for about 10 minutes before it ended and he could pass.
neighborhood fire poi pic by Charles Borowicz

  • I hired a woman into my work group recently, and I'm super excited about my new team dynamics (corporate excitement, ya'll!)
(no pic of the woman I hired or my team. That's weird, and would probably get me fired)
  • My dumb, diabetic cat seems to be getting her shit under control now. I live a life where I give a cat 2 shots of insulin each day - which really is surprisingly easy. She don't give a fuck about the shot as long as she's eating. Also, PSA - if your cat's piss is quite large and sticky (like not clumping well in the litter and super annoying to scoop out) motha fucker probably has the sugars. 
Eds, lookin like a dead raccoon - pic by me
(I might literally have thousands of pictures of her on my phone)

Okay - I should also write something about female orgasms because all SSL posts must have a lady-gasm connection, but again, I can't think good right now, so I'm just going to keep it personal. My first masturbation style was putting a pillow or stuffed animal between my legs and rubbing against it with my underware on. That's lady-bation that isn't often shown in media, but it deserves more love in the world, so to all ya'll out there that rub one out in that manner, respect. Ain't no shame in that game. 

Also on that note, I really want check out OMGyes! and do a review on it. Everything I see about it looks on point - it's actual women talking in detail about how they actually make themselves orgasm. I hope it's as good as I think it is. 

Okay, I'm going to make my cinnamon toast. My next post will be better.

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  1. I hope your next post will be about the April 2020 Cosmo Mag article that debunks the G-spot -- and goes back to the source to do so. "What?? I never said it was about orgasms!!" Yeah, right.