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Just to be clear, this is not the 2014 drama Cake with Jennifer Aniston that got some good critical review. This is the 2005 romantic comedy Cake with Heather Graham and Taye Diggs. It's about as standard a romantic comedy as you can get, but it has Taye Diggs in it, and he's hot as fuck. So, if you like a romantic comedy, this is a solid Netflix choice. Also...this movie poster. I mean, really check it out.

I'm not here to give you recommendations, though. I'm here because there was one tiny mention of lady-gasm, which means it's SSL Reviewable.

Here's a quick summary of an SSL Review for newbies. An SSL Review is a critique of depictions or discussions of female masturbation, female orgasm, or the clit. I only review those scenes - not the movie as a whole (unless I feel like talking about more), and I focus mostly on the realism of the depiction/discussion and also how it fits into a larger cultural discussion of female orgasm and sexuality.

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The Scene
Pippa (Heather Graham) is interviewing Hemingway (Taye Diggs) for a photographer job at a magazine she has ended up running called Wedding Bells. She asks why he would want the job anyway, and he tells her he needs the job, and then asks her why she's there. She says it's temporary. So, then he's all like, 'You're not a wedding gal?' And she's all like, 'I'm not a wedding anything.' Then they quip back with love themed song lyrics, and then he says, "You're right. It's total cheese." To which she comes back with, "I mean forget the ring. I'll take a multiple orgasm any day." And an amused Hemingway, says "Amen."

The SSL Review
I mean, this is gonna be fairly quick as SSL Reviews go. It's merely a mention of lady-gasm with no real lead in or follow-up to it, but I think there's something worthwhile I'd like to say about it:

Pippa says multiple orgasm not just orgasm. I mean, I guess it's to make it sound like a particularly desirable thing over an engagement ring. However, you know me, I think we as a culture play up the whole multiple orgasm thing for women a little too much. Like, it's just a bit longer of an orgasm...or a couple orgasms in a shorter period of time than a guy can generally have a couple orgasms (but, dudes can have multiple orgasm as well, they just usually don't probably because they tend to ejaculate during their orgasms - HERE's a study with a guy that has one). Anyway, it's not necessarily some mind-blowing difference between orgasm and multiple orgasm, and my point is, mentions of multiple orgasm as some awesome thing women get always makes me bristle a bit.

Not that I'm against a multiple orgasm, 'cause I certainly am not. It's just that there's this cultural idea of multiple orgasms as the amazing thing women can have that makes them scream and moan and orgasm continuously through an entire sex like we so often see in porn or read about in romance novels but the truth is those are not multiple orgasms. Those are just fake orgasms. So, I guess I just feel like whenever a women alludes to the awesomeness of multiple orgasms, that it will bring to mind the cultural lies of perma-gasming while a dude rams his dick up the vagina, and I don't like perpetuating that because it's a bunch of BS

Anyway, that's really in the weeds (that's some of my corporate-slang coming out), but that's what I do. I nitpick our cultural treatment of lady-gasms.

Vulva Rating
I'm not sure how to rate this, because, even though I had things to say about it, it's a pretty neutral line. I'll just go down the middle - 3 out of 5 vulvas.

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