A Few Lady-Bation Memes

I have been doing other things that are not writing this blog the last couple weeks, and so, well, I don't have anything written and I need to post something. All that to say that i'm going to post something easy and non time consuming tonight. I'm watching TV right no and I don't want to stop doing that.

Thus, I've looked up a few lady-bation memes to post here. I, clearly, am heavily pro-ladybation and I also like things that are mildly amusing. So here you go - for your viewing enjoyment...

This, I genuinely like...'cause sometimes you do wake up with raisin fingers ya know?

This is barely amusing, and I actually don't care if my cats watch me masturbate. They don't care either. Sometimes they so don't care that they try to sleep on my legs and stuff while I'm doing it. That's a little annoying, but anyway, I like pictures of cats so that's why this one is here.

Again, not that amusing, but I do like other memes that dude is in, so...

 I just thought this was a good idea for how to watch porn on your phone while masturbating. I'd never thought of this before. Would it actually work well? I don't know. I know you should not get too aroused before you pull the panties down, am I right? Anyway, this is just here as a not to innovation.

This one is just true. It is less work. Sometimes you just want to rub one out with no fuss.

I don't love this one, but I like the word schlick. I like saying it.

Good night. Enjoy a good shlick if you want.

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