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This is the SSL Blog. It's clearly related to the movie Science, Sex and the the Ladies and surrounding subjects. But...what about the people who made SSL? What about AnC Movies? I don't talk about AnC all that much (and for unexplainable reasons, we do not pronounce it A. n. C. We pronounce it as Aink). A large part of that is because we were entangled in making and promoting SSL for so many years, that there wasn't all that much else to talk about.

We have done some this and that, though. A recent little experimental short called Glorious Boring, for instance. We've done a fair amount of commercial stuff for the ol' paycheck recently too, but we're excited to get back into the groove of movie-making. We're excited for upcoming projects, and we're excited to get back to old-school AnC, which brings me to the subject of this post - the AnC Holiday Card.

We have sent a holiday card to our mailing list most years since 1998. The mailing list in 1998 was pretty much just our families and the mostly high school cast of our very first taped-on-VHS-and-edited-deck-to-deck-VCR movie, Viral Animocule (maybe one day we'll upload that to Vimeo...if you're lucky). It has certainly grown since then, but we still like to keep the card in a particular AnC style.

Charlie, Phil (former yet still loved AnC), me, Alex (former AnC, but the A in AnC), and Barnaby looking sexy as hell circa summer 1999 shooting another classic, When War Was all We Knew. 

So, we sent our holiday card out a few days ago. In true AnC fashion it was a little Christmassy themed, but sent out in mid-January.  The physical card always tells the people what we've been up to, what we are planning, and most importantly there's always a big thAnCs (get it Thanks?) to everyone - and that is the part I want to share with you because you all have been pretty awesome.

I've met a lot of super cool people through this blog, and even though it might not seem like it since I don't get tons of comments, you readers out there have been growing steadily over the approximately 7 years since I started it, which means the orgasm equality movement and other such similar ideologies have been growing steadily too. So, Thank You, and Keep on Keepin' on!

Our AnC Holiday Cards usually are more physically interactive. In the past we've included things like DVDs, paper dolls, and a ring of laminated cards. This year we decided to send a normal(ish) card that pointed people to the web where they could find videos of us giving them 'AnCfirmations'...so all the people who have supported us, repped us, and been good 'ol friends to us over the years get a reminder of how great they really are and how much we here at AnC love them. That means you can enjoy these AnCfirmations too, and you all certainly deserve that!

So, sit back and let Ranch Hand Charlie, Barnaby on the Streets, and Trisha at Home tell you how great you really are.

If you want to know more about ol' AnC Movies, check out our site - HERE.

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