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Well, we finally did it. We missed out on a perfect score because we're just too damn gross. Science, Sex, and the Ladies got ourselves another review over at Indy Red. It's a really cool indie movie review site from out of Ontario. The review made us blush a little bit, but it seems our movie made the reviewer blush a bit too. Here's how the reviewer summed it up.
As I wrote above, from a technical view this should score a five! However, I don't feel right about scoring Science Sex and the Ladies a perfect score when I know in my heart that a large number of viewers wouldn't make it through the first 15 minutes. But let me add that for any unsure people who may want to watch... do yourself a favor and push through the uncomfortable parts. A real Gem awaits if you do.

We thought it was a pretty nice review. The truth is we, and in particular Charlie, spent a shit-ton of time making sure that the technical quality of the movie was up to par. The parts like final sound and score that we couldn't assure quality with, we raised money for (Thanks again you fabuloso Kickstarter Backers!). So, having someone say they were impressed with it meant a lot to us. We also love to hear that people thought it was funny and entertaining and thought-provoking. But man, Charlie spent a shit-ton of hours in front of a monitor rotoscoping and creating backgrounds and all that tedious crap. Our thought was that if the quality of the picture and sound wasn't great, then no matter what the content, it would be disregarded. The strange part is that when the technical qualities of a movie are up to par, they become unnoticeable. They don't distract. They simply become the invisible medium for the creative part. People already expect that level of quality because it's what they are used to in Hollywood movies (well most). Things like bad sound just aren't tolerated, but for a movie as small as ours - getting to that point was no easy task, and a lot of indie movies this size, and even larger, don't reach it. So I guess I'm just saying that it's cool to have someone point out that our hard work paid off. We like praise.

Back to my point. Our movie just has too damn much vulva up front...or maybe it was our example porn? I'm not sure, but it does take people out of their comfort zone a bit - and that's intentional. Everything is in there for a reason. If something needed to be shown to  make a point, we showed that shit. The fake vulva and penis on a platter in the first scene is weird as hell, but we like to think it adds a bit of humor and anatomical correctness to the dinner table demonstration. That's just how this movie rolls, and actually the reviewer seemed to get that,
The only real complaint I have are the overly graphic areas of this film. What's funny is that the graphic parts also help make the film what it is! I also know that my feelings regarding these sections were more out of personal embarrassment... than anything really shown on screen. I am, after all an adult. Could it be that my personal feelings regarding the subject matter were half of what this movie was about? Maybe.
What's actually pretty funny is that I have really never gotten feedback - face to face or anonymous -that the graphic parts were bad or inappropriate within the movie. I do get a lot of feedback where someone say they don't mind it and they get it, but they worry that other people (maybe even most people) will have a problem with it. It's like everyone underestimates the ability for other people to handle this movie. I used to worry that we might have made a movie that is just too much for people, but the more people who see it and talk to me about it, the more I know that people are largely fine with the graphic parts. They might be a little uncomfortable, but they can reason away their own feelings. Now I just need to prove to people that other people will be okay with it too.

Anyway, we were over the moon about our 4 star rating at Indy Red, and a big thanks to the person over there that took the time to watch it and give it a thoughtful review! They get a 4 vulva rating from me (!)(!)(!)(!)

Here's the Full Review. Check it out. http://www.indyred.com/science-sex-and-the-ladies-review.html

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