An SSL Review at the Independent Critic!

Science, Sex and the Ladies got another review! This one is over at The Independent Critic. Check it out HERE. The site is actually run by someone who lives in Indiana, but I didn't know that when I was sending out press kits. I'm always surprised at stuff we ol' Hoosiers are doing. There really is more than corn in Indiana (Hoosiers actually might be the only ones to get that. It's not just a random line made up because people often talk about corn and Indiana as one. It's a line from a long running commercial for Indiana Beach - an amusement park with a lake my sister once described as having "carp on carp")

Anyway, Richard, the critic over there at The Independent Critic, wrote some really nice stuff about this movie, and we thank him for taking the time to review it!

While this isn't the first doc I've seen to avoid the dreaded "talking head" approach to documentary filmmaking, one has to be impressed with the way this intimate yet important subject is approached and presented. 
While Science, Sex and the Ladies has its humor, you should know going into it that it doesn't make fun of sex, light of sex, or serve up sex in any sort of titillating way. This is a documentary, a well-informed documentary, and it takes its mission seriously and completes it incredibly well. - The Independent Critic

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