Kate's Take Gave SSL a 2014 Honorable Mention!

Hello! It seems Science, Sex and the Ladies got a shout out on the blog Kate's Take as an Honorable mention for their top 5 Best Films of 2014! It's a podcast where Kate Chaplin, an Indie Indy producer, writer, and director, "chooses a film that has shaped her life and dissects it to find meaning and universality in that film's message." Kate was at our Indianapolis premiere, and by golly, she liked it! She found it to be super science-y and informational, but hysterically funny too. She even pointed out that although SSL gets into pretty uncomfortable detail, it does it in an approachable and funny "fluffy bunny" kind of way so it really felt like it was educational and fine. She (thank you, Kate) hopes it explodes in a great way this year. We're with you on that :)

This particular episode was a a special one and a bit different given that it was about top movies instead of about 1 particular movie...and let me comment on that a sec. I actually really like this podcast's normal platform of talking about 1 particular movie in a long form podcast. I think that's just not a common thing. It's actually a fairly new monthly podcast, and I had listened to, what for some reason I didn't realize was, the first episode about the 1998 Robin Williams and Cuba Gooding Jr. movie, What Dreams May Come. I like the interaction between Kate and her co-host Wil, but what I really like is more in depth discussion about movies. It is very personal, but movies are very personal, and very much dependent on the circumstances of the time/culture and person watching. That movie actually had a somewhat depthy-ish affect on me too - not quite in the same way as Kate, but it was was really fun and interesting to hear those two talk about it. Obviously, this isn't for those who want to not get any spoilers, but it is for people who really like to talk about movies - what they mean, how they look, how they and their topic fit into the scape of other films.

Anyway, my point is, Kate's Take is a good, thoughtful listen for people who like movies.Check it out...I mean they liked SSL, they must be high quality, right? :)

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