Minneapolis, Roller Town, and Sweet Sweet Tina

Hello! Just so you know, this blog isn't always about female orgasm. Sometimes it's about indie movies. So, with that I have 4 things I want to say in this post, so let me get to it.

1 We will be in Minneapolis tomorrow. Science, Sex and the Ladies will be showing in the Minneapolis Underground Film Festival at 9 pm tomorrow, October 1st. We're the last movie of the opening night, so come see us if you can. If you can't, then at least let all your Twin City friends that they need to represent. We would love to meet some fun people.

2 We were watching trailers online one night - cause that's what we do sometimes - when we clearly saw before us what the next couple hours of our lives would consist of. We would devote them to Roller Town, and you should choose some hours to Roller Town also.  It was not a mistake.

Seriously, it was funny and exactly what I wanted it to be. It was also a truly independent movie (from Canada) that really was put together well. It's exactly the kind of movie I would be thrilled to see at any festival. You can watch it on Netflix, so please do.

This is our TV displaying Roller Town to us, a most joyous of movies

3 We got our press kits out last week for most of the Indianapolis people we wanted to get them to (If you are in Indy, get your tickets to the Indianapolis Premier on Nov. 6th!). As we were assembling, we got a simply elegant shot of Tina working hard, so I thought I'd share.

Tina and the Science, Sex and the Ladies Press Kits

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