Female Masturbation in Cw's Reign!

Reign is a historical fiction series set in the time of Mary, Queen of Scots. It's a new CW series that has just begun in this 2013-2014 season. Now, I don't watch the show, but I know people who do, and I've been filled in on the basics of the plot line. Mary is awaiting her marriage in the French court, and given that she and her ladies in waiting are quite young for our standards of marrying age - it centers around teenagers. It sounds like a fun drama-rific show. However, no one happened to mention to me anything about the whole masturbation scandal I stumbled upon while searching around the internet recently.

Apparently in the show a bunch of the young gals watch through a keyhole as a newly married couple consummate their marriage (apparently a group of elders are watching from inside the room also - as was the custom of the day), and then the girls split up and deal with what they saw. One goes off, pulls up her skirt and starts using her hand to rub around down there - which according to Kate Aurtur on the Buzzfeed staff - was the first teen soap girl masturbation scene since Blair Waldorf in Gossip Girl a few years ago. So it's a fairly big deal, if I might say so myself. I mean we're always hearing about teen dudes masturbating - (you know even in pies and stuff), but it's just not that common to hear about in our media with girls.

However, the scene was cut down a bit between the pilot sent out to critics in the spring and the actual airing in the fall. It's still there but the masturbation part is shorter. And here's the weird part. The King of France happens upon her and takes over for her - replacing his hand for hers. I do like that he took over with the manual clit stim instead of going straight to doing her - which is what one might expect.

Truly, I don't watch the show, so I can't really interpret this scene in context with the characters, so I'm just gonna simply give the show props for even insinuating that masturbation is one way a young gal might react to the exciting situation of secretly watching a sexual act. The scene as aired is reportedly so short one would have to just assume about what is happening before the king arrives, but hey, it's something. I say the more girls feel that masturbation is a normal thing that others girls might do, the better. Show creators Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy, I give you a tip of the hat.

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