Recording the Score

Did I mention yet that watching a room full of musicians recording our score was crazy amazing? We started out the day with a room full of strings, moved on to wood winds, and then to a room of brass, ending with a sweet ass French Horn solo that will slather its beautiful self all over top of the Science, Sex and the Ladies romance novel segment. Thanks you , thank you, thank you Nathaniel Blume, our good and wise composer, for making this all happen.

Oh and when I say "musicians" played this music, what I meant was Me, Charlie and Barney threw down some hot percussion action, and it was perfect and awesome.

Oh - and see that TV? It actually didn't play our movie while the musicians were playing the score. It normally would, and it could have this time, but alas a strategic decision was made to not distract the musicians too much while playing. Oh musicians - could you not play and watch three large vulvas on the screen at the same time? Now that I think of it, those poor strings had a pretty difficult part right there where the vulvas are. They would have been staring at them a while. And that wild brass crew - oh the jokes that would have been a-flyin'. I can assure you that when the first set of brass was finished, they wouldn't have gone out into the lobby to eat pizza, drink wine, and talk about golf. Oh no, they would have hung in the booth to watch what other crazy shit popped up on that TV - and that's just too many people in the booth probably, so it was a good decision.

Ah, it was a good time. We got to meet some of Nathaniel's friends from back in composer school (I'm just gonna call it that). They manned the booth (boothers I think they call them) and were totally cool and fun. The engineer working the board was also awesome as hell. We even ended the session with a good ol' champagne toast (thanks to Nathaniel and his wife). We'll be missing the recording sessions for voice and for guitar/mandolin/ukulele/bass/etc...etc... that will be happening soon, but our hearts will be with them.

Okay, I'm done talking about our LA trip. Next post will be about something different, promise.

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