AnC in LA!

Okay, so I've been kinda off line the since my last post, but it was for good reason. The AnC 3 - me, Barnaby, and Charlie, took ourselves out to LA for the recording of the Science, Sex, and the Ladies score and for some creative collaborating with our sound re-recording mixer. (The name Sound Re-recording Mixer doesn't make much sense, I know. I just say he's the dude that makes all the voice/production recordings sound good and then puts the music, voices and sound effects together in a sweet, sweet beautiful mix, but it's technically called...Sound Re-recording Mixer. It's a carry over from the olden days of movie making.)

Anyway, it was...it was one of the best experiences of my life. Seeing this movie come together in this way after all the years of work that has been put into it up to this point, seeing that music being created...the way it was brought to life by the musicians...I'm not exaggerating when I say it brought tears to our eyes. Seriously, we were all talking later, and the gravity of what was finally happening and the really lovely sounds that were coming from the studio, got us all a bit. I'm not even embarrassed to say it. Our composer, Mr. Nathaniel Blume, not only created a bad ass score, organized everything, ran a tight ship day of, was super calm and nice through it all, but he also hosted us while we were in LA. We couldn't have asked for better accommodations and company from the Blumes. There is still a guitar/Ukulele/mandolin/bass recording happening and a voice recording happening, which would be awesome to see, but alas I have a job to get back to, and we did see the bulk of the score recorded so I'm pretty much on cloud nine.

So the whole score situation was out of this world awesome, but we were also incredibly pleased and excited to hear what Mr. Keith Waggoner had done with the dialogue in the movie so far. It sounds so clean and nice. It's really amazing how much that kind of treatment can up the whole feel of the movie. Honestly, we didn't know what to expect because we'd never gone through this sound post production part before, but I can tell you we were more than pleasantly surprised. The work Keith had done so far was more technical - just cleaning and such, but he'll be getting to the more artful part soon when he's really mixing the soundscape, and we are looking forward to experiencing that.

Ah, it was an amazing, awesome, exciting trip. We also got to see some friends and check out some sites. I couldn't be happier now to be honest. I'm about to get on a plane now, so there will be pictures to come. Also, if the plane goes down, know I died happy. Oh, and someone needs to finish the movie. My dying wish would be for someone to finish it...just so you know.

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