Is it really real? Is this movie really getting done?!

It might not be obvious all the time, but this blog all started from a movie; a movie I have been working on in some form or another since about 2003. A movie that has sucked from me a shit-ton of reading...and notetaking...and writing...and rewriting...and AnC group criticisms/discussions...and hard-core group script development...and all colors of pre-production...and wading through piles of goodwill clothes...a pretty crazy-ass 3 months of weekend production...re-shoots...edit crits...random areas of post production help for Charlie (who endured the large majority of editing and the hellishly insane amount graphic creations)...lots of lists...logistical/business/correspondence/promotion...hundreds of hours of just watching the movie to check for errors...and a large amount of worrying and feeling kinda desparate.

One of our promotional posters. That's me taking a rest in one of our few non green screen sets.

It was mostly really fun and rewarding, you know, along with being tedious and agonizing. It is also amazing - can I just stop and say amazing again - to really, truly see that this movie is going to be finished. I'm not just talking about the feeling of hitting a milestone in the process or the feeling of knowing, with time, that this will be a finished product. I'm talking about the actual light at the end of the tunnel. I'm talking about the picture is done. No more changes. No more tweaks. I'm talking about the final sound re-recording mixer guy is on the job as we speak and the score recording sessions are scheduled. I'm talking about we did a Kickstarter campaign so that we could pay people (professional people who can do important sound things that we simply cannot) to take the sound and finish it from here. I'm talking about this shit is about to be done, son.

I love this blog and I love that I have been able to continue thinking about, writing about, and engaging with people about these subjects even after I finished the movie script. I love that I can continue to to do all that long after the movie is done, but right now, I mostly just love the fact that the movie is really, really, for realz gonna be done, and I just had to tell you that.

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