Go See The To Do List!

Well, I'm about to travel towards the wedding of a simply fantastic friend. I often refer to her as my only college friend...because frankly she is. I commuted. I didn't meet many people, okay. Anyway, I'm excited and preoccupied with getting ready to go, so I don't feel like I have a lot of time to post on this blog. I do, however, have about a hundred thousand ideas that I want to post about, including SSL Reviews of 2 movies that I recently saw, so I'm just going to comment on those super quick...a little preview of their upcoming reviews.

1 Don Jon - I saw it at the closing night for the Indianapolis International Film Fest. It was a preview - I don't think it's coming out until September. It was written, directed and stars Joseph Gordon-Levitt. It's about a dude with an internet porn addiction. I was skeptical, but it was a good movie. The SSL review may be a bit more mixed, but I say - hey, if you get a chance, check it out.

2. The To Do List - It's the newest teen-needs-to-lose-virginity-after-graduation comedy...but it's a lady not a dude this time, and it's set in 1993. Go see it. I thought it was hilarious, and bonus, it's got some progressive feminist vibes going on. Support this movie.

Now, all that said, I have to admit that the SSL review will be mixed at best. It's very much a reflection of our status quo cultural understanding of female sexual response. It's not progressive really in that arena, but I can't expect everything from every movie. The SSL review of a movie only critiques the depictions and discussions of female sexual response and masturbation in a movie, and so it's not really a true critique of the movie as a whole. This movie as a whole is funny and feminist. Did I mention you should go see it. You can come with me if you want. I have to see it again because there are so many points that are relevant for SSL review that I need to give it a second look and take better notes before I actually do the review.

Later - Happy movie watching!

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