Mt. Vernon High School, VHS Editing, and Good Arts Teachers

The Pink Elephant: My Favorite Fortville, IN Landmark
A quick, fun, and slightly off topic post - what do all three of us in AnC movies have in common? (If you're wondering what AnC Movies is, it's the movie making crew that's making Science Sex and the Ladies, btw) the answer is that we all went to high school together. We all attended Mt. Vernon High School in Fortville, IN from 1994 to 1998. It was good times.

I bring this up because that was when we three learned video makin' - on sVHS, editing VCR to VCR. Oh, it was sweet old school shit. Hells yeah.

I want to thank MVHS for the video production classes we all took, and specifically, I'd like to thank our teacher Andrea Yovanovich. I can say "Andrea" now, but even though she wasn't much older than us, it was actually really hard for me to stop calling her Mrs. Yovanovich. Anyway, I can't put my finger on it exactly, but she inspired something in all of us, I think. Maybe it was just that she was cool and she gave us some learnin' that we wouldn't have otherwise had. Maybe it was because she let us use the school equipment on weekends and during the summer. Maybe it was because she gave us enough autonomy to not feel like the class was a chore. Who knows, but I'm glad it all happened. We had a lot of fun in those classes, and I'd just like to point out that if the video program had been cut while we were there (and I believe it actually was a few years later) we wouldn't be making a sweet ass movie about the culture of the female orgasm now, so if you want to blame anyone, blame MVHS and Yovo for that. :)  

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