On Vacation!

Well, I'm on vacation at the moment, visiting a friend in Kansas City and Charlie's brother out in Manhattan, Kansas, and we got busy trying to get everything tied up for the trip....so I haven't been as successful as I hoped at getting the blogs up that I had been wanting to. However, I'll have some relaxation time on this vacation coming up to do some writing, and work has slowed a bit, so if you have been missing my twice weekly Orgasm Equality related rants, then just hang in there. I'll be back at it soon.

On a funner note. I'm having a great time so far. Our illustrious host, Mr. Lee Piechocki is a friend of Charlie's from Ball State College of Fine Art. He's been a great tour guide through the KC art scene, which, might I say, knows how to have some fun (Evil Monkey Party). I'd also like to say congrats to Lee who was recently featured in New American Painter for the second time.

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