We're In A 30 Must See Sex Blogs List Ya'll!!!

Guess what? Well, if you didn't get it from the title of this post, then I'll reiterate. We're in a list of 30 sex blogs you just must see!!! Get Lusty did a list and we're on there among such names as Susie Bright. Plus there's some fairly famous sites like Early to Bed, Feministe, and The Good Men Project, and then of course there's the sexy fun blogger Dangerous Lily - who I think may have been the connection that links my blog to the people who made this list after she caught and re-posted my Mutual Masturbation is Hot post. I know it's not the biggest thing that's ever happened to me, but it's really exciting to see that someone I have never met found my blog somehow and recommended it on their blog. I certainly appreciate it.

Now it says that they are in no particular order, but I'd just like to point out that I'm #2, so...I'm gonna go with it.Check it out and check out some of the other recommended sites. I'm currently going through them myself, and who knows, maybe I'll find something that needs blogged about.

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