Shere Hite, If You're Listening....

Hello Ms. Shere Hite. I have a pretty solid feeling that you don't read my blog, but - hey - there's a very, very slim chance you might. I did send you an email that included a link to ScienceSexAndTheLadies.Blogspot.com a while ago when I finally found an email address for you that did not bounce back. I don't know if that letter ever even got to you, but maybe it did.

You are a hard lady to contact, but I understand why you might want to be private...people did get a bit violent towards you here in America when you said "crazy" things like vaginal penetration isn't a good way to make women orgasm. So, this is just another way that I'm trying to establish contact. Maybe if I'm lucky, someone, somewhere who reads this blog will actually be able to contact you and let you know that I'm here and interested in talking with you.

Shere Hite character in Science, Sex and the Ladies movie (trailer HERE). This character is used to quickly discuss the important points discussed in the Hite Report...basically she's an on-screen narrator.
Shere Hite character, another on-screen narrator, and 4 women embodying ladies quoted in the Hite Report for my movie Science, Sex and the Ladies
I would love to interview you for my series about people who have had a unique and positive impact on the culture of female sexuality - particularly on the aspect of sexual release. The Hite Report was created before I was born, but when I finally came across it while researching for this movie, I was excited and appalled at the same time.

I really had never heard about the book before, but I soon realized that it is as relevant and true now as it was almost 40 years ago. I was then kind of appalled because it is also as revolutionary as it was almost 40 years ago, which unfortunately means that the things you (and certainly others of your time) were working toward in regards to the female orgasm, simply haven't changed as much as they should have. I hope that the movie I'm making can reignite the revolutionary perspective change in our culture that you and other forward thinking feminists of the time supported.

My contact info is on the movie website contact page...just in case...

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