A Tribute to the Many Faces of Male-bation

Last Monday I had a tribute to the ladies and all the fantastic masturbation we do, but I don't want to exclude the gentlemen. This is a pro masturbation blog, not just a pro female masturbation blog. So, today I'm celebrating the boys. Enjoy.

To guys stroking it face down, holding themselves up over the underwear section of department store catalogs; humping pillows quietly and gently so parents don't hear; quick jacking it into toilets; employing condoms in preparation for real life encounters; enjoying solo, soapy shower sessions; ramming hips toward slippery fists oiled with whatever household lubricants could be found; rubbing disheartened wangs next to uninterested slumbering partners; using flexible bodies to join penises and mouths; pumping into homemade towel, Saran wrap, and vegetable oil devices; drowsily relieving morning wood laying face up naked in bed; mindlessly passing the time on a boring afternoon, excitedly pounding it out in the employee bathroom; gently teasing out orgasms to thoughts of last encounters with lovers; slow stroking to internet porn with towels separating naked asses from computer chairs; quick lotion and toilet paper yanks in the middle of the night; standing up buck naked with biceps flexed and abs tight, pounding meat in front of full length mirrors, jerking full force in cars about 80 miles from the destination; and all the other ways you boys enjoy yourselves by yourselves. Keep on keeping on.


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