Spanish Club, Girl Talk, and a Nail File: My Friend's Contribution To This Movie

I feel like I need to get this genius-ness on the record. Let me paint the picture. Two spunky high school gals on a bus headed out to eat at Don Pablos with the Spanish club. Later, while eating cheesy Tex-Mex goodness, other girls they know will get virgin daiquiris and virgin margaritas, and those girls will claim that the waiter must not have made the drinks virgin. Then those girls will act drunk even though it was just one stupid drink, and there's no way they had any alcohol in them anyway. Jumping ahead, these two - shall I say - kick-ass gals will giggle and spew gentle ridicule about that silliness a couple times over the next 15 years.

Back on the bus headed to Don Pablos, these two incredibly funny and interesting teens were bull-shitting as was their norm, when the topic turned to what might occur while being super bitchy and disinterested in the bedroom. That led to comic pantomiming wherein a woman lackadaisically files her nails and looks exceedingly bored whilst engaging (or better yet - being engaged upon) in sex acts; dispassionately saying things like, "I thought you were gonna go get me some ice cream," or "Oh, I didn't know you were still here." As the future unfolded, this proved to be a long-standing joke that was touched upon often in many a conversation.

The twists and turns that led to this line of discussion are forever lost to history.  However, what resulted is forever captured in the movie Science, Sex, and the Ladies. That's right. One of those amazing young women from this story is in fact me. The other gal I will call SHP (for Super Hot Person) because I don't know if she wants me to use her name on this crazy ol' blog of mine.

Anyway the point of this story is that there is a scene in the middle of Science, Sex and the Ladies in which a woman does actually file her nails while doing it. She's written more bored and frustrated as opposed to our styling of snotty and indifferent, but her actions are absolutely inspired by that bus seat conversation. Now you know.

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