My Tribute to the Many Faces of Lady-bation

Here's to all the ladies rubbing up against their pillows; grinding hips into old teddy bears; laying on the couch spread eagle with their hands between their legs; riding their palms, face down on their bed; legs crossed in class gently pressing thighs against lips; silver bullet vibrators gliding across their vulvas; handle ends of old electric toothbrushes with just enough vibration pressed against clits; giant, cumbersome back massagers misused in the cover of night; fancy removable shower heads held dangerously close to the nether regions; quick rub offs in bed to help nod off; secret, quiet circles on disappointed clits next to sleeping lovers; joyously lip jigglin' in office bathroom stalls with memories of last night; frantic childhood couch arm humping; bored fingers on swollen clits; pick-me-ups between study sessions; unintentional bike seat friction; slow, sensual vulva massages in front of dirty internet searchings; good vibrations sitting on top of dryers; and all the other dirty, sexy, bored, silly, loving, gentle, secret, uninhibited, prohibited, fantastic ways we get ourselves, by ourselves, off.

Love to ya'll. I'll be sending out one for the boys next Monday, so stay tuned. (Check it HERE.)


  1. Is it too bossy to say you need to get a follow button? Because I would so push it

    1. No, it's not bossy. It's awesome. Thanks for commenting. I just added the "follow by email" widget. It's the only follow gadget I can find on Blogspot, but I'm looking into adding some better ways to collect followers. Thanks!

    2. girly, i love this so much. i'm gonna run this graph on my blog today (with all proper kudos and linkage to you) if that is upsetting to you, please let me know. jillhamilton001(at)gmail(dot)com

      Here's the link to my blog. It'll be up in a few minutes, I'd say. http://inbedwithmarriedwomen.blogspot.com

    3. I have no problems at all. It's an honor to be part of In Bed With Married Women!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! It was certainly fun to write - and do in some cases ;)