KLIT-uhr-us or kli-TOR-is?

Okay, I've been neglecting this blog, yet I don't have a lot of time to write, so I'm going to put a question to you, my loyal readers. It is a question of epic proportions. How do you pronounce the word for the female organ of sexual pleasure...KLIT-uhr-us or kli-TOR-is? Maybe you just avoid the issue all together and simply say clit. I have always said kli-TOR-is. Someone recently told me it sounds like the name of a dinosaur, and I will admit - it does kinda sound like it could be the cousin of the Brontosaurus. However, I've always thought KLIT-uhr-us sounds really pompous - like a snooty Englishman from the 18th Century is nervously teaching an anatomy class. Oddly enough, though, it seems I'm a bit mistaken (thanks a lot advice on ThirdAge.com) . My pronunciation is actually the English version and KLIT-uhr-us is the American pronunciation. You can listen to the American pronunciation at MacMillen Dictionary page HERE.

Anyway, if you are out there and reading this, tell me how it is people.

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