More Phrases for Lip Jigglin'

It occurred to me many a year ago that we often hear phrases pertaining to male masturbation in pop culture, yet we don't often hear phrases pertaining to women doing the same. There are more possible phrases for men doing this than you can shake a stick at (pardon the pun). It's a little harder to come up with common phrases for women.
I think we ladies (and our private habits) need equal time in movies, TV, books, comedy, etc., but to get to that point, we're gonna have to start creating and using fun masturbation terms just for the ladies.
So, below I have a list of these terms I liked from a few websites I found and a list me and the rest of the AnC crew came up with. Please send us more if you can think of any.

First - I listed common terms for both sexes that I could come up with off the top of my head.

Spankin' the monkey, jerkin off, beating off, beat your meat, choking the chicken/snake, crankin' it, jerkin' the gherkin, pounding the tube steak, whacking your willy, rubbing one out, cleaning the tubes, toss off etc...

Jillin' off, rub off...(I think some male terms like jerking off can be used for women too, but I want some uniquely female terms)

Next I pulled phrases (only the ones I liked) from these sites....

Thumb the button, tickle the taco/tuna, pet the pussy/kitty, leg-lock the pillow, grinding the bump, get a fat lip, clit flitting, buff the beaver


rubbin the muffin, polish the pearl, flipping the bean, flick the switch, fire the surgeon general (kinda obscure and unisex but I had to add it - a reference to Jocelyn Elders)


Paddling the pink canoe, strumming the banjo

These are AnC originals here:
jiggle the orchid, juice the peach, lube the labe, flip the lips, vibe the V, shake the bush, bumble the bee, gyrate the girl, quiver the kitty, quake the cunt (I know some people hate the word, but I think it sounds tough as hell), map your mounds...

Okay, that's all I can think of for now, but I'd love to hear any of your favorites...

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