Another quick One

Hey guys, just a quick update here from Charlie. I wanted to link to this little example of tracking for you guys. I thought someone might be interested in seeing what I've been doing, and I'm sure those of you who were there for the shoot have been wondering how this tracking is going to actually work for these little signs. I'm actually done with this tracking now we're onto streamlining this convention scene. It has maybe the most titling of any scene so far so its taking a bit of time, but its also a great opportunity for some interesting creative things. Anyway, nothing to crazy but here's the sample.

Tracking Test (mocha AE) from Charles Borowicz on Vimeo.


Scene 26

Just a quick note. I've finished up with Scene 26 edit, and tracking. I am working the basic color and the signage to be placed. Next week will be more productive I'm sure. We are currently rebuilding our harddrive space with a 4TB G-Raid for Backup and a 4TB CaldigitVr for primary. I'm hoping to tackle our Revolutioners scene next week. Lots of matching camera moves...so we'll see how well we do.


Progress update

Well, we've had some issues since I last blogged. Hard Drive Issues to be exact. We're running 4 TB of data across 4 1TB hardisks. Nothing fancy No Raid not JBOD or anything. So about a month ago these discs started to disappear. A simple reboot fixed the issue, but things have progressively gotten worse. Now mind you I have since day one been implementing a backup strategy (maybe the slowest and most obtuse one but one nonetheless) So all the data is saved to a backup every other day or so. Anyway. long story short. 2 of these drives are now corrupt with bad MBT and one randomly corrupts folders (thankfully a check disk recovers them). I am in the process of developing a smarter and more robust solution to our Hard Drive issues so hopefully this will soon be a thing of the past. Anyway. Thats what I've been dealing with. More on this when I get those 4TBers out and give them a proper looking over. By the way They're Samsung f1's hd103uj's. If they are bad they've gone bad on me in less than a year....and its basically a 75 percent failure rate going on 100....I need to check them to be sure but its not looking good. I have two other hard drives (A velociraptor system drive) and a 1TB external Iomega and neither has had an issue to speak of. hmmm. Sorry for the tech talk.