Considering the Elusive Vaginal Orgasm via an Article in AskMen.com

I Googled "Female Orgasm" and right up top on the first page was an advice column on AskMen.com asking what a female orgasm felt like. The writer asked friends to give their 1st hand opinions. Most answers seemed reasonable enough, however, one seemed particularly interesting to me.

"I can orgasm through penetration, but only if I'm incredibly turned on. Usually he's from behind and thrusting quite hard. It seems to help if he holds me around my waist so his penis is deep inside me and the thrusting movements are small. I feel an aching feeling that builds and then peaks. Then it's like waves of pleasure radiating. Often the waves will last quite a long time. Because it feels dramatically different than a clitoral orgasm, at first I wasn't sure whether I was actually having an orgasm or not through penetration. But all the girls I've spoken to say this is what they feel when they orgasm vaginally, too: It's a more general feeling than centrally focused."

I ask you, is she experiencing a "vaginal orgasm" or is she not experiencing an orgasm at all? Is it possibly that she is simply experiencing the aroused feelings of being pounded from behind during an intense, and maybe very exciting, round of non-orgasmic love-making, then assuming, like many of her friends, that this is the elusive "vaginal orgasm" we should all strive to achieve?
Just going from the first hand account here, it could go either way. Although, as longtime readers probably assume, I heavily tend towards the later of the two options, and I have solid arguments in the movie to back up a claim that more women than we think are not actually experiencing any kind of physical sexual release during what they claim are "vaginal orgasms."  For now I'd just like to say that if you aren't sure you're having an orgasm...well - are you? And for that matter, if you are, is it that good? If you know clearly that you have had a clitoral orgasm, but have to consult friends to find out if the "general feeling" you're having is the vaginal orgasm  - then is the elusive, much sought after vaginal orgasm all that exciting?

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