Rendering Body Parts

In Scene 2 and 5 there is a significant amount of detailed anatomical discussion. We had pretty concrete ideas about what we did and did not want the depicted anatomy to look like, but actually achieving that look is complicated. Charlie has been playing around with different methods and looks for us to discuss, but this will be a pretty intensive process.
We are concerned most with creating anatomy that looks like real anatomy, from angles and in proportions that make sense to the viewer. Too often pictures of our bodies, especially the genitals, look too stylized, vague, or are in a position that seems strange or foreign. Particularly with the vulva, we are also concerned about the viewer seeing different types. There is so much variety among people that looking at a depiction of one type of vulva by a person with a very different looking one, could be really confusing. Plus, we don't talk too much about this variety, so a depiction of the incredible diversity could acknowledge that without taking any extra time in the movie.
Secondarily, but importantly, we also want the anatomical depictions to be interesting. As with the movie in general, we tend toward a strangeness - incorporating an element that is just slightly off. This actually isn't the hard part for us - at least we don't seem to think so at this time.
So that's what we're doing now, looking at lots of vulvas, testes, birth canals... - all positions, looks, rendering styles.


We're Still Here and Still Working - A Quick Update

It might seem like we've dropped off the face of the earth, but we are in fact still here on earth. We had slowed down a bit the past month. Between the 3 of us we had family weddings, out of town and out of country family visiting, plus we took some time to sleep and catch up with the in-town family and friends we haven't really seen since the beginning of spring. We've also been cleaning up the warehouse and organizing the insane amount of props and costumes we have accumulated. Thanks to the garage sale initiated by Melissa and Stephanie's (two of our esteemed actresses and friends), we made some good money selling some of the more useless props and costumes. The garage sale money will go towards the cast party. That's right, we have not forgotten about the cast party. In fact we're pretty excited about it, and we'll have a date shortly. It is, obviously, going to be much later than we anticipated, but that just means it will be better.

So to wrap up...
1. We've done our post-shoot resting, and we're back to full force
2. Look for an email in the next week or two with some cast party info (that is if you are part of the cast or crew)
3. We will not leave you this long without a blog again. We promise we will be better to you.