Check Out This Music Video, Yo!

Hello all -  it's the first not desperately freezing day in a while here, so I'm gonna celebrate by posting something fun and movie-making related (as opposed to ladygasm/ladybation/clit related) today.

As you may know (since this blog is a supplement to a movie we made), I'm part of a group of movie makers called AnC. Charles Borowicz (aka CBRUV) is part of AnC and the technical visionary of the group. When not working on AnC stuff, he does video and photography full time. Sometimes it's commercial work and sometimes it's his artwork and other times it's his artwork but in some level of collaboration with another type of artist. His most recent work is of the latter - a music video for artist Gwendolyn Dot.

He's also my husband, so I got to watch/comment on the process, hear the song a straight million times, and work with him on some of the shooting. I was mostly on the gems and smoke crew. The crew was me and him. I can turn gems very slow and gently now. The other crews (cloud crew, magical space crew,  water crew, rainbow balloon digiverse crew etc.) were just him, so I guess they weren't really crews.

Anyway, this is some wild trippy, often lovely shit. Enjoy.

Placenta et al from AnC Movies on Vimeo.

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