Trish Sie - A fellow Trish Who Directs Movies

For my #DirectedbyWomen blog number 2 (see the rest HERE), I'm going to do something really simple; talk about another director with my first name. Trisha isn't really wierd, but it's not super common either, and when I saw that the Directed By Women site had their giant list of women directors listed alphabetically by first name, I obviously became interested in the others who share this name.

Trisha Sie.

Who is this cat? Well, do you remember this video that went viral and helped launch OK Go's career?

Well, it also launched her career. Her brother is in this band, and at the time Trish was a professional dancer, choreographer, and music theorist (at least she had received a degree in it). She jumped into the video scene, choreographing and directing this - and then went ahead and won a Grammy for it.

She then went on to direct a bunch of commercials and to create shorts like the one below.

Also, my friends, she directed the dance feature Step Up: All In, the fifth in the Step Up series. I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm always gonna watch a Step Up movie, I mean among other things, it's a good place to find some of my faves from So You Think You Can Dance , so I was excited to know a fellow Trish directed that.

But really, go to her Vimeo page and check out her videos there. I think you'll enjoy it. Seriously, GO NOW, cause well, Trishes is awesome bitches.


  1. Hi, fellow Trish. You are the greatest. Thanks for the shout out and encouragement. From one Trish to another, I salute you. Coffee on me next time we're in the same neck o' the woods.

    1. Ha - Awesome! Thanks for stopping by, Trish S. Maybe I'll get to take you up on that coffee some day. I'm sure the coffee will be trish-a-licious! (Did I just take it too far?)