Everyday Orgasm Equality List!

Cliteracy: Natural Law No.31 by Sophia Wallace

Here's a list of things you can do this very day to gently push the Orgasm Equality Movement forward....(I'm really busy this week at work and I kinda need to make this blog post fast). Enjoy.

1. Masturbate the clit, ya'll! I don't care how you do it; vibrating things, hands, rubbing against the giant Easter Bunny stuffed animal your boyfriend gave you. The more ladygasms happening out there, the better for the cause...cause once you pop, you just can't stop.

2. Say clit at anytime throughout today. It just doesn't get enough air time, and it's like THE organ of sexual pleasure for us. It deserves better. Everyone's always talking about balls and penises and all the slang names for those and putting them in jokes and everyday conversation. But the clit (and honestly, there's not a lot of slang names for the clit, which is another problem. The vagina - plenty of slang, but not the clit). Examples:

  • Shit! I'm freezing my clit off!
  • Be careful! You almost punched my clit. (To a friend waving their hands wildly at your waist level)
  • I'd rub my clit on that.
  • If I'd have known it was this kind of party, I'da put my clit on the mashed potatoes!
3. Get ate the fuck out today.

4. Make up a slang word for clits.

5. If you are in a public space with friends, slip the word clit in there. It doesn't have to be involved with anything you're talking about. You just want everyone around you to hear the word clit at least once today. We'll call it clitoral marketing. It keeps it present in the mind, and that's important.

6. At bath time - with your kids tonight. use the words clitoris and penis instead of vagina and penis. You could use the word vulva -I'm okay with that too-, but is sounds so much like vagina, and honestly, what's going to be (or you hope going to be) more important to your daughter over the next 12-18 years, her vagina or her clit? The little ones will have plenty of opportunity to hear about vaginas in school, movies, and porn (seriously, they will be seeing porn eventually, so you should probably prepare).

7. Try your best not to fake today. 

8. Read over some of Sophia Wallaces Cliteracy 101 signs. She's on Point. Here and Here

9. If you are thinking about leaving your significant other, and they don't listen to you about what you need to orgasm or become aroused, take this last part of the list as a sign that you should definitely move on. Life's too short, people.

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