An Ode To Lady-bation In Celebration Of Independence!

In honor of Independence Day which all of America will be celebrating with fireworks and fantastic food tomorrow, I am re-posting a little tribute I did about 2 years ago. It's about lady-bation, which is certainly one of the most important acts of independence. Also, for fun and so I don't bore you if you read this 2 years ago, I added a little more to it this time. Enjoy...and please practice a little independence tomorrow!

Here's to all the ladies rubbing up against their pillows; grinding hips into old teddy bears; laying on the couch spread eagle with their hands between their legs; riding their palms, face down on their bed; legs crossed in class gently pressing thighs against lips; silver bullet vibrators gliding across their vulvas; handle ends of old electric toothbrushes with just enough vibration pressed against clits; giant, cumbersome back massagers misused in the cover of night; fancy removable shower heads held dangerously close to the nether regions; quick rub offs in bed to help nod off; secret, quiet circles on disappointed clits next to sleeping lovers; joyously lip jigglin' in office bathroom stalls with memories of last night; frantic childhood couch arm humping; bored fingers on swollen clits; pick-me-ups between study sessions; unintentional bike seat friction; slow, sensual vulva massages in front of dirty internet searchings; wanton orifices chock full of toys as the Hitachi dances against puffy lips; good vibrations sitting on top of dryers; and all the other dirty, sexy, bored, silly, loving, gentle, secret, uninhibited, prohibited, fantastic ways we get ourselves, by ourselves, off.

P.S. Here's the one I posted back then about male-bation too.

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