My Orgasm Equality Post at BlogHer and Other Things

It's a lovely day here in ol' Indianapolis. I just thought I'd say that cause it's mostly not been lovely days for the past 4 months, so it's a refreshing change and worth saying. Another nice thing that has happened is that a post I did for BlogHer got featured, and a lot of people seem to be reading and sharing it, which I'm pretty much into, ya know? It is about none other than Orgasm Equality (what the hell else would I write about?), and it's got a little perspective switch for you to chew on.

I'll have some more actual posts up soon. I have a lot of SSL reviewing to do. I have Blue is the Warmest Color, Nymphomaniac Vol 1 and 2, House of Cards season 2, Game of Thrones Season 1, 2 and 3. Plus, I have like 50 more in my mind that I need to watch again because I watched them before I was doing SSL Reviews, but I clearly remember a depiction or discussion of female sexual release or masturbation (A Dirty Shame, Monster's Ball - if you have any other's I haven't done yet, let me know). I also need to start watching Girls and reviewing that, I think... Anyway, point is - watch for those post coming up, but for now, travel over and read what I had to say to the BlogHer readership! Check it HERE

Oh- and I Googled images for "Indianapolis" to get a pic for the blog (since I said it was a beautiful day here. Oh, and I tried Googling "beautiful day in Indianapolis" and it was really just wedding pictures), and I liked this one of the Children's Museum. We got ourselves a pretty kickass Children's Museum, BTW.

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