First SSL Screening Next Week!...and more daily posts

Guess what? Since you can't respond, and I don't even really know if you exist, I'll just tell you. This dagburn ol' movie I've been working on for oh-so-many years now, is done. I don't mean that the picture is done, but we're still working on sound stuff or that it's done but we're still going back and forth on a few tweaks here and there. I'm talking about this movie being done, son. (If you don't know what movie I'm talking about check the trailer HERE or to your right on this page if you're in desktop version)

There are DVDs on their way to my house for cast, crew, and Kickstarter donors. It has been seen by its first reviewer (I'll let you know how that turns out in about a week), and next Thursday, there will be a cast and crew screening. It's our first screening of this finished movie, and I think it's a pretty exciting thing - at least for me. I mean this movie is what I've been working on my whole adult life, and the cause of this movie - orgasm equality- is what I've devoted this blog to and what I imagine I'll be continuing to spend a lot of my future time on.

 So, since I've already completed a 10 day run of daily blog posts, and in honor of this first screening, I'm going to continue the daily posts until the day after the screening. That way I can finish the run off with some good pics from the cast screening party.

The Fun Bunch, from Science, Sex and the Ladies movie

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