Even Our Own Clits Aren't Always Easy to Identify

Hello, here's my second clit-related post for International Clitoris Awareness Week. It's about finding your clitoris. Frankly lots of people don't know where it is. Don't be embarrassed if that's the case. I myself, realized I didn't really know where it was until I was in college. I was a long-time orgasming masturbator. I'd seen plenty of diagrams of the vulva/clit area, and frankly, I considered myself pretty sexually informed.

However, I didn't put much thought into where exactly my clitoral glans was in relation to where I was touching. When I masturbated, I just grinded my vulva area against a pillow in a way that felt good, or later, I just move my hand against my vulva in a way that felt good. The truth is, stuff is pretty compact down there, and actually touching right on the bare clitoral glans is often too intense for many women, so it can be confusing.

In fact, I actually identified my clitoral glans as the place where my urine exited. I did this, I think, for a couple reasons.

1. When I looked down while peeing, it looked like the stream was coming out from that little bump (my clit) just below where my lips met up at the top of my vulva. The way my junk looked gave me the impression that the urethral opening was at the point where the hood came over my clit. The urethral opening is actually located just under the clit, so the stream does come from that area, so I wasn't too off base.
2. The other part was that when my hood was pushed up and the clit was touched, it was very uncomfortable, not pleasurable. It felt kinda stingy like it would feel for someone to touch your urethral opening. What I didn't realize is that the clitoris is so dense with nerve endings that a lot of women consider it too intense for direct touching (particularly before high levels of arousal are achieved). I hadn't realized it, but I liked the clitoral hood or the inner vulva lips to shield the pressure and stimulation.

I don't know how I finally came to realize the actual location of my clit, but I know it was when I was at least 20 and in college, and I know I felt pretty stupid at the time. Whatever, though, I knew what I liked to feel down there, and that's good enough. What I'm saying here is it's not crazy to be cognizant of the pleasure created through clitoral stimulation without being able to clearly identify your own clitoral glans.

That said, it's probably a good idea to identify it. I mean, why not? It might help you even better understand how you like to be touched and help you relay that to partners. I know it did for me. This page at The_Clitoris.com shows the clit within a few different vulvas. They are real pictures, and that helps a lot because women's vulvas have such different lip structures and look so different that it's hard to visualize your own anatomy within those drawn diagrams you always see (like the one above).

So, I definitely recommend clearly identifying the locations of your clitoral glans. And remember, bigger or more visible doesn't mean more orgasmic. They all work. All that said, when it comes to utilizing your clit for it's main purpose, an orgasm, then don't worry too much about the seeing and identifying, just explore the tissue around it and see what feels good, then continue doing that till you get the ol' gasm. It might take a few times to get the hang of it, but just keep at it, and you'll figure it out. Also use lots of lube. That vuvla skin is sensitive. Now, go and enjoy International Clitoris Awareness Week!

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