A Playlist and Colonel Angus to Ease in the Weekend - Clit Week Post #5

Today is my 5th consecutive clit-related post for International Clitoris Awareness Week, and it's also Friday. This all says to me that you need something fun and weekend related and clit-ish to read/look at/listen to. Well, my friends, what's more fun and weekend-related for clits than being encompassed by another person's mouth? Not much. Gettin' ett the hell out - that's what I'm blogging about today, but you know, in a really nothing sort of way. I'm just throwing a few fun cunnilingus things out at you. No biggie.

First, Charlie follows this one user, YesWeCanCan on 8Tracks, and he just found a mix from her called "Songs to Eat Girls Out To," so he promptly informed me. It's a pretty good mix - a lot of good ol' slow jams. I'd be honored to be eaten out to this mix. Check it out HERE, and if you get mouth pampered down there for the full 57 minutes of the mix, then bully for you!...or not - I don't know - maybe it wasn't so good, and that's why it took so damn long. In that case you need to talk a bit more with your partner about what you need so you can avoid over-use chafing in your nether regions and ferocious mouth/tongue exhaustion for your sexy-time friend. However, if you actually do have somebody who can't get enough face time with your junk, then for god's sake, woman, don't turn that away. You might as well ride that train and see where it leads.

Okay, next I just wanted to put up the ol' SNL Colonel Angus bit. If you haven't seen this, and wonder what it's all about, just go ahead and say "Colonel Angus" with an old-timey genteel Southern accent. I just like this. Tina Fey was the brains behind this, and I'd very much like to thank her for that. Plus Christopher Walkins is, in fact, Colonel Angus, as they note, "...once a woman is introduced to Colonel Angus, she'll settle for nothing less." You'll love him, but if he overstays his welcome, you can just tap him on the head.

Well, on that note, have a good weekend, and I'll be back at ya tomorrow.

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