Kisses Down Low by Kelly Rowlands Added to Dirty Songs Champs

I am going to add another song to the Spotify SSL Dirty Song Champs list (we're up to 8 now!). It's a simple song, really. It's just about a girl who likes her kisses down low. Maybe this means that she likes them while in the basement, or that she likes them away from other's eyes - on the "down low" as the kids say, but I think what Ms. Kelly Rowlands is telling us listeners is that she likes kisses to the crotch - a good eatin' out, if you will. In fact, I'm pretty sure that's what she means.

I actually don't have a lot more to say about this song. There's just not that much to it. Most of the song consists of the following lyrics:
I like my kisses down low
Makes me arch my back
When you gave it to me slow
Baby just like that
She does, though, tell us right off the bat, in the opening lines to the song that see those "kisses down low" are, well, one of her favorite things, like brown paper packages tied up with string are to Julie Andrews.
You put in over time, over night, doing everything I like, go so right yeah
You hold me close, squeeze me tight, look me deep inside my eyes, baby you know I love it
But nothing can compare to when you kiss me there
The rest of the lyrics just contain vague stuff about how hot it is, how sexy she feels, and how much she likes having sexy time with her dude. There are, happily, no unrealistic descriptions of women coming like a porn star from things that would not actually make a woman come at all; things like getting banged from behind while biting pillows or other such descriptive possibilities. There are really no discussions of coming at all, just back arching and pleasure, but it's pleasure caused from cunnilingus which is a realistic situation in which that pleasure could move forward into a straight up orgasm.

At the end of the day, my friends, it's just a woman singing about how she likes her man to put his kisses on her lady junk - and who doesn't? However, it's also a refreshing flip to the norm; It's a woman singing about something that can realistically become an orgasmic experience for her, but that is really just work (maybe sexy work, but work none the less) for her male partner. We ladies are usually the ones putting in the work and the men are reaping the orgasmic rewards in most sexy songs, but not this time, and I think that is worth while.

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