A Touch of SSL Promotion for First Friday

Spotted: T, C and B in Fountain Square hanging  "coming soon" flyers for their SSL movie. Word on the street is the AnC crew had fun with all the taping and tacking...I just hope their little creations don't get lost in the crowd.

You know you love me. XOXO,
Gossip Girl

Have I mentioned that I am currently deep into the 5th season of a Gossip Girl addiction?

Anyway, Me Charlie and Barnaby were, in fact, putting up little coming soon pieces for Science Sex and the Ladies last night. Today, being the first Friday of April, is a First Friday here in Indy (and probably many other cities too) which means people will be out in this nice spring weather walking from gallery to gallery and in all the artist residences and so forth. We thought it would be a good time to gently dip our toe into the promotion waters.

So, we made a collection of 4x6 pics and hung them up around some of the main walking areas. They really just say the name of the movie and that it's coming soon - with the AnC Movies logo at the bottom. We just wanted to start getting the title somewhere in people's brains. We're still a few months out from actually promoting any event or product, so we're taking the time to just get on the radar - both locally and around the ol' interwebs.

So, if any of my Indy readers are out at First Friday tonight, keep an eye out for our handy work - particularly in the Murphy Building.

around a corner

mixed in with all this other stuff (find them if you can)

at the entrance by the Red Lion

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