Searching for Shere Hite

As my, what 2 or 3?, loyal readers (probably all related to me) know, I am somewhat obsessed with finding and interviewing Shere Hite. She is a wily one indeed. I can't seem to track her down at all. She seemed to be out and about in 2006 promoting ,and then in 2008, 2010 and 2011 she seemed to be somewhat active on social media and did a few interviews. However, every email address, twitter account, Facebook page I try to contact her through gets no reply. She may just have no interest in talking to me, but I'm too conceited to believe that.

Plus, I've always heard she is a very private person, and she really doesn't look like she's messed with social media in the past couple years. I also wonder if there are some health issues she's dealing with. I have no real evidence of that, I've just gathered that possibility from some things other people have written about her. I certainly hope she is doing well. I also hope that one day she sees something I sent her, and I get an out-of-the-blue email from her one day, or better yet a 3am call (because she didn't think about the time difference, you know, since she was so excited to talk to me and all).

My latest online crumb I found about Ms. Hite was this celebrity booking page for her. I get the feeling that this company doesn't actually have a contact to her, but just has her listed because they feel they could make contact if they get a nibble. We'll see.

Like I said, she hasn't been active on social media for a couple years, but just in case you want to check 'em out, here is Shere Hite's Twitter Account and Shere Hite's Facebook Page. As you can see, June 12, 2011 was a particularly productive day for her in social media land.

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