Synchtube, Skype, and Music: "Science, Sex and the Ladies" Movie Update

Hey there ya'll readers. Just thought I'd give you an update on where we're at with this here movie. You may remember that we did a Kickstarter campaign for this movie in December and raised $20,000 to cover the recording of the score (you know - paying studio musicians, renting space suitable for movie score recording, paying an engineer - that sort of thing) plus paying for the final sound sweetening of the movie. (You can see the short video we made for the now closed Kickstarter campaign HERE - it includes a newer trailer)

So, quite awesomely, we have a fantastic budget for this part of the movie making process (thanks you, thank you again to everyone who was part of that), and we're really excited that we have the resources to put as much attention on the part of the movie you will be listening to as we did for the part of the movie you will be seeing.

The AnC Synchtube / Skype meeting!
Now here's where we're at. A few weeks ago, we finished our last round of tweeking and got a final version of the movie sent out to Nathaniel Blume, our old and awesome friend who is cool enough to collaborate with us on this. We actually met him randomly because Charlie's brother Paul happen to work with him in some kind of  IT related job, and when Nathan said he was interested in doing music for movies, Paul introduced us. He has since moved out to LA, completed film scoring studies in the SMPTV program at the University of Southern California, and makes a living in that business. Yet, he can't quite leave his Hoosier roots behind (and who can really), so that's where we come in.

He's been playing around with the movie for a while, but now that he has a final version, it's getting serious. The 3 of us in AnC - me, Charlie, and Barnaby -  have been meeting with Nathan to discuss where music should and should not be placed. As Nathan pointed out, this movie is not easily categorizable...it's not quite a doc or an informational movie or a narrative, so there's not a lot of precedence for this, and it's not really obvious where music should go. We're kinda figuring things out as we go here. Anyway, it's pretty fun, and I think Nathan is gonna do some cool stuff with it.

I'd also like to point out that we've figured a great way to have our meetings - being that he is in LA and we are in Greenfield, IN. So - we Skype with one computer, and we watch the movie together through Synchtube on another computer. It's a neat site. I create a "room" and upload the movie into it. Then people can join my room, and we all watch the same movie at the same time. I control it and when I rewind or pause - it rewinds or pauses for everyone. I love it. It's pretty new and run by like 2 guys right now, so I think it can be a little buggy, but it works great for us. We've gone through "the Science " and "the Sex" sections of the movie so far, and we'll be hitting "the Ladies" section soon.

Anyway, the movie is well on its way to being a finished piece......

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