The Fascinating Searches That Bring People To This Blog

I've become obsessed with my pageview count for this blog recently. I'm trying to up my number - which I actually have done. I went from a consistent 300 to 500 views a month to a consistent 1000 to 1400 views this March. It may not be exponential growth, but I'm pretty happy with the progress. Anyway, part of my obsession involves constantly checking the stats - like the referring URLs and the keywords people use to end up on one of my pages. I particularly love checking the keywords each day. I get some fun ones, and I'd like you to enjoy some of the recent ones too.

Some are obvious and make sense given the content:

"sciencesexandtheladies.blogspot.com" (No explanation needed)

"science sex and the ladies" (None here either)

"selfloving: bodysex group day 2" (This would have to do with my Betty Dodson Series)
"dana edell spark" (I interviewed Dana about SPARK)
"lonnie barbach website" (I interviewed Lonnie here too)
"shere hite" (I talk about Ms. Hite...and I would love to interview her if I could ever get a hold of her)
"vulva lips" (I mean I actually talk about vulva lips a lot on here - I particularly like the phrase "letting your lips flap")

Some are more interesting - although I do see how these searches led to this blog. I always wonder if some of these phrases were typed in truly looking for niche erotica, or for research, or to follow up on a jokey conversation with friends, or maybe these are related to actual personal questions. I may never know...

"movie prop dildo" (okay, this is due to the movie prop dildo that we are pictured holding here)
"dildo with anus" (This also refers to the pictured dildo...because it does in fact come equip with an anus attached...and let me tell you, a good one is not easy to find. Did I tell you how soft that toy was and how lovely the anus felt - oh yeah, I stuck my finger in it. We all did. Plus, I was actually using it for an informative scene that did involve sticking the finger in the anus.)
"doc johnson dildo casting pictures blog" (seems a bit long winded, but again leads to the dildo with anus from previously discussed)
"b&w erect penis photos" (I checked where this search leads, and it seems that the review of Filament magazine comes up - pun intended)
"girl have a orgasm during a tattoo" (This certainly must have led to my SSL review of Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. The reasoning behind this search is intriguing...)
"morphsuit porn" (Oh yeah me and Barnaby dressed up in morph suits for a scene and there are pictures on this blog, but I can assure you that, for the love of dear tiny baby jesus, here was no porn involved.)
"mila kunis man orgasm" (was this searching for Mila Kunis having a "man" type of orgasm or is this searching for some combination of Mila Kunis and also a man's orgasm? Either way, it led to the SSL Review of Friends with Benefits)
"ladies making poo" (My personal favorite - who doesn't love ladies making poo. Of course this search led not to scat porn, but to my blog about discouraging ladies from poo-pooing metrosexually styled men.)

I'm sure in a month or two I'll be back with some more fun phrases. Have a great weekend all!

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