A Male Perspective on the Female Gaze

I have a lot of love and respect for Filament Magazine. I am actually including the editor of this magazine in my series of SSL interviews - where I talk with people that I believe are contributing positively to understanding/depiction/experience of female sexual culture that my movie promotes (so keep an eye out - it's coming soon!) Filament has more super hot erotic stories, sexy dudes, and not-boring articles for women than you can shake a dick at. It's a good read, and if you can get your hands on one, do so. Unfortunately Filament recently closed its doors, but it still has loads of super fans and a Facebook page that I enjoy pursuing. Feel free to Friend them. They won't mind. In my pursuing, I saw they had posted a link to an article by Noah Brand that I thought was a pretty good. It discusses, among other things, the female gaze, and I think we should be thinking about (and creating media that includes) the female gaze as much as possible. Check it out HERE.

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