Dan Savage

Dan Savage...I hadn't paid much attention to him until recently. He started popping up in various places I happen to be looking; my Bitch Magazine, internet articles, and then my ever vigilante friend Stephanie posted a clip of him on Facebook. He's an advice columnist who dabbles in gay activism, controversy, theater, and other writings. He was answering (and making fun of) the question "How can you get a girl to orgasm during sex without resorting to clitoral orgasm?"

He answered it pretty much the way it should be answered - uh, all female orgasms are clitoral. As much as a person will say "oh yes of course, I know all about the clit," it is rare to actually find any person or thing that outright states that the only female orgasm is clitoral. Even when the comments are heavily weighted towards the importance of the clit, there is still always this door left open that - "most women can only orgasm clitoraly," or "women can orgasm in a variety of ways." It keeps hope alive that some special women have orgasms that really do work the way they do in porn. Dan made some points about the longevity of the female orgasm and the possible methods for achieving clitoral stimulation that I would call unfounded, and he made no mention of the female ejaculation and its place in all this - but all in all, I was glad to see someone making solid bold statements like this. Check out this 5 minute video HERE