Looking Back

I'm going to make a slightly different kind of post. I've been looking back through the still pictures we took while on this movie making adventure. I'm glad we took as many pictures as we did because it really serves as a great reminder as to how this thing came together. There is one image in particular that caught my attention. Its me shooting our dance scene. I am cramped in a bathroom some 125 feet from our dancers. Shooting zoomed in fully on the HVX. We didn't use our Brevis for this shot and I am having to shout back to the crew to let them know I'm ready to shoot. We planned and planned for this movie. We had gear that we only dreamed about on there shoots. Yet here I am with the basic camera, just a tripod and I'm yelling out action as loud as I can. This is what Independent moviemaking is like. We had three people on crew that day. Thankfully we were able to get a great makeup artist at the last minute, and this dance number was the culmination of 5 weeks of practice and months of work. I guess it just reminded me that you get it done how you can with what you got while you got it. We're not shooting Super VHS anymore but we're not on a great big union production either. We are somewhere in between and hey it works.