Science, Sex and the Ladies Goes To Italy!

Okay, so this is gonna be a quick one today. Promise my next post will be better. However, this is something I'm pretty darn excited about. As you know, Science, Sex and the Ladies can be viewed in English or with Russian or Brazilian Portuguese subtitles. Well, it'll be available to Italian audiences soon as well. However, this won't just be subtitles. This bitch will be dubbed, and I'm so, so, sooo (I can't tell you how much) excited to see our actors dubbed in Italian. And more than that, I can't wait to show our actors themselves dubbed in Italian. It's, well, it's just a spectacular thing.

Science, Sex and The Ladies from AnC Movies on Vimeo.

So, the thing is though - and this is the drawback - it won't be available online for just anyone. It's being done for a run on Italian TV - late at night, I assume. The network may put it on their streaming site, but really if you aren't in Italy, you probably aren't going to see how amazing it is to see a hand CG character talking to a bunch of 80's teens about reasons why women may masturbate less...dubbed in Italian. I mean we're all missing out a bit, wouldn't you say?

I'm excited none the less. I hope over the next 5 years there are tons of Italian young folk out there up too late that happen to catch our movie. I hope their young sexual minds are formed with all that accurate info about lady-gasms and realistic understandings of female sexuality. I hope they talk to their friends about it, and I hope there is a generation of Italians that see sex differently, better. I mean, probably not that many people will see it, but who knows...

Oh, and I didn't even tell you the best part. Vatican City is in the realm of where it will play. That means there is a 100% chance that the pope will see our movie, and really, that's all I ever really wanted.

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