SSL Takes Russia By Storm (or so we hope)

Science, Sex and the Ladies has been around the good ol' US of A. It's had small screenings in places like England and Australia and India. It's been seen online through Vimeo On Demand in over 60 countries around the world.

СЕКС, НАУКА И… ЖЕНЩИНЫ (that's the title in Russian btw - Google translates it back to English as 'Sex, Science and Women...')
But for the first time, SSL will be translated into another language - and that language, my friends, is Russian. We've been talking and looking into translations for a while now, and I assumed we'd start with Spanish - ya know, 'cause that seems most relevant here in the Americas, but in the end we didn't choose it, it chose us.

Love.DOC Film Fest
The fab people at a super cool, Russian, green documentary film festival called ECOCUP started a new festival called Love.DOC, and they contacted us this summer to see if we'd like to be a part of it. We were like, 'yeah - that would be awesome. One little thing though, we only have it in English,' and they were like, 'Oh we translate all the movies to Russian, so no biggie. We just need a transcript, and you can have the translation when we're done.' Then we were all like, 'Hells yeah - we're totally in. We'll get that transcript to you ASAP.'

At that point we (well, Charlie did 90% of it) spent a week creating English subtitles - which was something we had been wanting to do for a while now, but finally had the fire under our asses to do. So after a variety of the normal types of BS that go with trying to get a giganto video file sent over the interwebs to someone, and getting that English transcript with time code created, we will be in this kick ass Russian film fest AND, we'll have a Russian transcript!

Москва, Санкт-Петербург and Екатеринбург
So, we'll be showing on Saturday, October 15th and Sunday the 16th in Moscow, and on the 15th in St. Petersburg and Ekaterinburg. There are some other really cool looking movies playing there that look like things I'd like to see. You can go to the movie page on the site. It's in Russian, but most of the trailers are in English or have English Subtitles (and if you feel like having fun you can copy stuff into Google Translate and get the gist of most of it).

Russian folks are gonna get to knowin' about orgasm equality, ya'll, and I love it!

Science, Sex and The Ladies from AnC Movies on Vimeo.

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