Oh My God! Am I the Clitoris?!?

It's Halloween (well the day after...time got away from me), my friends, and that means it's time for the annual SSL post about costumes. This year I'm going in a different directions. I won't be encouraging you to use your sexy costume to get your lady bits licked or encouraging dudes to wear the sexy costumes this year.

No, this year I will be simply talking about vulva costumes. I got the idea because, and yes, I know this is odd, but I regularly search the word 'clitoris' in Twitter to see what people are saying. A LOT of the tweets are in Spanish, and A LOT of the tweets are porn, but I find some pretty funny ones that I favorite and retweet, because, by god, we don't use the word enough, and I think I should be encouraging its use. Anyway, point is, I started seeing versions of this picture below, and then @ZODIAMMGC  tweeted this one out, and I thought it was just the sweetest thing I ever did see.


So, I went and googled to see where it came from, and it was the Try Guys. They were trying on perverted costumes, like dicks and stuff. You can find it HERE. I'm giving that guy in the picture up there super thumbs up for thinking about and speaking the name of the clitoris. It is so often forgotten. :(

So then I got inspired to find more stuff about vulva costumes, and found this article where a gynecologist rates 5 different vulva costumes. I'll be honest. It was a little disappointing because I was hoping for some funny, overly detailed banter, but her comments were a little more generic than I hoped. Go check it out though, it was a generally fun read none the less.

**Here's my big SSL rant: Everyone I refer to in this post calls them vagina costumes, not vulva costumes, even though they are clearly vulva costumes. I get that it's easier to say vagina, but like this lovely article points out, saying 'vagina' instead of vulva' helps to erase the most important organ of female pleasure (the clit) out of our vocabulary and emphasizes the female organ most important to male pleasure (the vagina). It does matter, and if you hate the word vulva because it sounds stupid and boring like a Vulvo, then pussy, cunt, lady junk, lady lips, or anything thing else that connotates more than just the hole will do okay too.**

Okay, that's it. Maybe a vulva costume might be the right thing for you next Halloween???

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