Glorious Boring

Here's a quick post that fits in the movie, as opposed to orgasm, portion of this blog. As you may know I am one of 3 who make up AnC Movies, and we're the ones that made Science, Sex and the Ladies. Now, I am way, super duper interested in continuing to dig into the subjects surrounding SSL and I'm way into continuing to do that on this blog and beyond. We made this movie because we all really wanted to do it and felt passionate about it. We're incredibly proud of it, and we learned so much, but we're all really ready to be making something different. It pretty much took up all our time from about 2008 on, and we haven't really had a lot of time to experiment or to pursue other movie ideas.

Before SSL we had only made shorts, and we really like them, especially as a sort of exercise - a way to experiment and learn without having to put in the tons of hours that go into a full length. Before SSL, we actually did a bunch of shorts that we premiered at something we called the Movie Prom - which was exactly as it sounds - a movie screening that was also a full prom with everything from the outfits to the punch to the balloon towers. Anyway, we specifically used those shorts to test out a lot of our ideas, both technical and creative. It was fun, and it really allows you to sorta exercise your craft. Anyway, as we're preparing for our next full length, we're starting to put some shorts out. I'll be posting things here as we do them. This one is called GLORIOUS BORING, and premiered at The White Rabbit Cabaret for a variety show called Ruckus  Enjoy.

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