Philomena - The SSL Review

Well, the Olympics are over, and I'm on to the Oscars. I love them. I love movies. Plus, I'm a sucker for live TV. The last few years I've been obsessed with trying to watch every single movie that gets a nomination. Some are pretty tough. Short documentaries ain't no easy thing to find, and if I miss the 2 days that the short live action and animations come through town, I'm screwed on that too. I think I'm gonna make it on all the other ones though, so don't you worry about that. Now, seeing all those movies doesn't help me win the Oscar pool. I'm actually terrible at it. However, like I said, I love movies so I kinda just like seeing them all.

So all that to say that I just saw Philomena a couple days ago. It's one of the Best Picture nominations, and by golly, it's also eligible for an SSL review (kinda). Honestly, I hadn't really seen much about this movie. I think I might have partly seen some of a trailer, but I didn't know what the movie was about except that Judi Dench was in it.

Judi Dench and Steve Coogan in Philomena (this is actually the scene containing the quote below)

Now maybe you saw a trailer, and if you did you probably didn't expect there would be a discussion or depiction of female sexual release or masturbation, and you'd be almost right. There wasn't discussion about female sexual release per say. It was more of a couple sentences out of Judi Dench's mouth that touched on pleasure, but what made it interesting to me in an SSL kind of way was...well let me just show you what she said. So as not to ruin anything, I won't give you any background except that Philomena (played by Judi Dench) is telling someone about an experience from her youth.  
But what made it so much worse was that I enjoyed it...the sex. Ah, it was wonderful, Martin. I thought I was floating on air. He was so handsome, the way he held me in his arms. The thing is I didn't even know I had a clitoris, Martin. And after the sex was over, I thought anything that feels so lovely must be wrong.
Now, this is kinda an open statement. I mean, we don't know exactly what she means. Did she realize she had a clit and that it felt good during that sex, or did the sex awaken her sensuality, and she later discovered it. Did she orgasm? How was the clit involved in this sex? We don't know, but I don't think it matters. She said the word clitoris. CLITORIS, first off - how often do you hear that at all in a movie? Then on top of that she is clearly linking that clit to sexual pleasure. It's so very rare to specifically involve the clit in movie sexuality in any way at all, so I was just floored and very pleased. So, I had to tell you all. Philomena, my friends, gets a 5 Vulva Rating! Oh, and Philomena is simply a lovely movie on top of all that. I recommend you check it out.


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