A new Showtime Series about Masters and Johnson?

I heard tell that there's a Showtime series starting in 2013 centered around Masters and Johnson. They, of course, are the duo that did the very first (and still most significant) studies on the actual physical reactions to arousal and orgasm in men and women in the mid 60's. They concluded that all female orgasms were "clitoral" and sort of nixed all the Freudian vaginal-orgasms-are-mature / clitoral-orgasms-are-infantile thing that had been the mainstay in the decades before. They also showed that physically, male and female arousal and orgasms are very similar. For instance it seems like men with their boners is very different than the female situation, but it's really the same thing, just expressed a little differently. The first sign of arousal in both men and women is increased blood flow to the pelvic region. That's where the boner comes from in men, but there's just as much if not more blood pooling down there for women. However, for us it causes lubrication to seep through the vaginal walls. (Also - and this is not a term used in M&J's work - it also gives us ladies an inner boner - what I like to call a binner - as blood fills the the spongy erectile tissue of the inner legs of the clitoris)

I don't know a ton about the details of Masters and Johnson's lives, but I know a few things that could easily make for good soap-opera drama. Plus, add in the craziness that went on with observing and recording real people having real orgasms...and later counseling real people with real sexual issues, and this could be a pretty fun series. I hope they treat the research and female sexual response right. I'm interested to see how some things are addressed because M&J were kind of stuck in traditional ideas about sex even though they did some of the most progressive sexual work in the 20th century. They had issues with homosexuality, but actually did some interesting research into it. Also M&J clearly showed that masturbation of the clit (and to a lesser degree manual stimulation from a skilled partner) caused the most intense orgasms M&J recorded...much more intense than the hands-free orgasms recorded during intercourse (which were due to indirect clitoral stimulation). Yet, still M&J were not exactly masturbation enthusiasts, they seemed to believe getting a woman to have orgasms hands free during intercourse was the ultimate goal. ..you will definitely see an SSL review of this when it comes out. Check out details HERE.

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